Sunday, 15 January 2012

Free Backlinks

Creating backlinks can help increase your search engine rank, so it is very important to generate as many backlinks as you can quickly and easily with having to waste too much time.
So I am always looking for new ways to create free backlinks for websites.

Below you will see a list of websites who have referred this blog, by referring to this blog they have not only created a backlink to their website or blog but they are also promoting it.

If you would like to see your website or blog in the list below all you need to do is copy & paste the code for the backlink buttons into the html of your website and then click each button daily to be sure that the link has been created.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Website Traffic

This is the reason we build our websites, we want people to see them and enjoy them. There are many ways to increase your websites traffic:-- SEO or search engine optimization
- Social Media (facebook, twitter, yahoo answers)
- Banner Swapping (swapping banners with other wesite owners)
- Add Your Site to Search Engines
- Email
- Paid Advertising (such as adword)
- Domain Names
As you can see most of these are free ways to increase the traffic on your website, if you are willing to put in some time and effort you can easily double the amount of visitors you get per month through using there mediums.

To find out more information visit

Friday, 20 May 2011


have you ever asked yourself what should i make a website about? what do people want in a website? what type of website do people want? If you have asked one of those questions then here is the answer!
People want all types of websites, it just depends on what you know about and what you are passionate about, if you make a website to make money, you will most probably fail, if you make a website you are passionate about, it may take a little while but if you are willing to continue, you will succeed. Just check out and read all the free information to find out more.

Some Website Topics

Blogs: You could write a blog about almost anything. Maybe you have information to share with everyone and that other people will find interesting or maybe you can blog about news, celebrities, bands, brands or current events.

How-to: How to is a very popular topic online, these days not many people read books on how-to do this or that. Everyone heads online and searches through google, other search engines and youtube asking how-to do everything from making a website to baking a cake

Hobbies & Interests: If you have a hobby or interest you are passionate about and you want to share you passion with others who may also be interested in it or may not even know about it. Many social sites are based on this topic.

Fansite: Fansites can be pretty much about anything, movies, celebrities, tv shows etc...

Enthusist Site: If you are into sport, animials or whatever, building a site like this could bring you pleasure.

Art Site: Whether it is to share your art or sell your art, photography, drawings, poetry or songs, making a art site can not only be enjoyable for your guests but profitable too.

Support Site: If you know alot about a subject and you have been through a struggle or know of some-one who has been through a struggle, support sites can be very useful to people trying to lose weight, deal with being a teen, dealing with a relationship break-up or some-one who just needs to know some-one is there for them.

Review Site: Review sites are very popular these days. People want to find the right gadget, game, software or product for the right price. If you enjoy trying different products then write a review site. This can also be very profitable with links to places that sell the products.

Online Shop: Whether you can sell software for a computer or a computer itself, torches, e-books or tv's, this could be the site for you. There are plenty of reseller programs online too for those who don't have access to items at wholesale price.

Team Site: Does your local sporting team need a website? Maybe you are the one to build it.

Associate Site: Neighborhood watch and many other associations can make great use of an associate site.

Gaming: Whether you display, sell, review, host, give hints or tips or run a clan or guild a gaming site could not only keep people up-to-date, in-the-loop and skillful in the game but it could also bring you alot of money through affilate programs. Be prepared to put in alot of work though.

Religion: Whether it is a community site to share and talk religion with others, a religous support site, a religous out-reach site or you just want to share your knowlege, religion sites can be very useful to people online.

Education: We learn a new thing everyday. Can you be the one to teach us?

Offline Bussiness: Do you run a local shop, local business or mow lawns on weekends? The internet can be a great way to promote your business and prices to everyone.

Online Services: Online services can be your way to work from home. Online services can range from tax agent to computer technician to law advice, banner making or website building. If you can provide some sort of online service, you should start building your site today.

Offline Services: Are you photographer, civil celebrant, house cleaner or musician? Build your site to not only promote your service but display prices and available dates and times.

Hospitality: Do you own a "bed & breakfast", a local cafe or resturant? Build your site to not only promote your service but display prices and available dates and times.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

SEO for Files & Pictures

When uploading files to and for your website, it is important to give them relevant names. If you are uploading a picture of your dog to a website or webpage, don't just call it mydog.htm, name the breed of the dog for example, labrador.htm or mylabrador.htm. You need to think about your competition and what they name their pictures or products and think of what people will type into search engines to find your picture, website or webpage and then choose a name for your files.

How do you optimize a picture in google? How do people find your site in google images? I will explain the simple, free and effective way for your images to show up in search engines. In the previous paragraph File Name I explained about having a good and relevant file name when it came to pictures and files, this helps search engines find the files or pictures. Search engines can't reconise pictures, onlyu text. So the way the search engine bot determines whether your picutre is relevant is by the file name and the text surrounding it.

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